SČ006 – EDINBURGH OF THE SEVEN SEAS « L’Âtre et l’enfant »


→ 10″ LP / black vinyl / white inner sleeve / black and white label

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ENG // Edinburgh of the Seven Seas is the side project of guitarist Florian Mallet (Mudbath). After a first psychedelic and ambient guitar-focused LP  » – Inlandsis –  » (produced by Mathieu Croux and released on Saka Čost, 2015), Edinburgh of the Seven Seas recorded a new multi-instrumental full length named « L’Âtre et l’enfant » produced by Christophe Vaillant (Le SuperHomard, Pony Taylor). This material focuses mainly on acoustic folk guitar with a clear will to dig and sink into wistful sounds driven by pure and minimal strings with a touch of reverb. Edinburgh of the Seven Seas travels further down his path into intimate music with deep and vaporous electric guitar and keyboard waves while adding a hint of kindness with epic endings led by multi-guitar parts, sweet bass lines and the appearance of percussion instruments. You’ll find in this psych-folk instrumental record a touch of Rob Crow, Alex G or Bibio.
• Recorded by Christophe Vaillant and Tomi in August 2016 and January 2017
• Mixed and mastered by Christophe Vaillant in February 2017
• All music written and performed by Edinburgh of the Seven Seas
• Artwork by Flobath and Sanair
• In collaboration with No Expectation Records (AT), Maudit Tintin (FR) and Bus Stop Press (FR)


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